Sir Ross Masood Hall was established in the year 1969 in the fond memory of Sir Ross Masood, the grand son of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. Sir Ross Masood (15 February 1889 – 30 July 1937), was the Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University starting in 1929. He was awarded the title of Nawab Jung Bahadur by the Nizam of Hyderabad and also knighted by the British in 1933. Sir Ross Masood had introduced new courses and upgraded the syllabi. He established laboratories for various science subjects and appointed distinguished scholars and scientists on the staff. The foundation stone of R.M. Hall was laid by Professor K.A.Nizami.  Professor Afsar Mustafa Khan was the first Provost of this Hall. The initial strength of the hall was 480, which has risen presently to 758 students.

Coordinates:   27°54’50″N   78°4’50″E

There are four hostels in Ross Masood Hall.

Nawab Ismail Khan (A-Block) Sadar Yar Jung (B-Block)
Abdul Majeed Khan (C-block) Habibur Rehman (D-Block)

Documentry on Sir Syed Ahmed Khan    CLICK HERE1     CLICK HERE2

Aligarh Muslim University TARANA  video


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