US, India announce Obama-Singh awards – The Times of India

25 Jun

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and US President Barack Obama announced the Obama-Singh Initiative in November 2009 as an affirmation of their commitment to building an enhanced India-U.S. partnership in education. Each government pledged $5 million for this endeavor, for a total of $10 million.

US-led partnerships:

1. Harvard School of Public Health

Project Title: Harvard-India Nutrition Initiative

Partner Institution: St. Johns Research Institute, Bangalore

2. Ohio State University

Project Title: The STEM Faculty Project: Training the Next Generation of STEM Faculty at Higher Education Institutions in India

Partner Institution: Aligarh Muslim University

3. University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Project Title: Inclusive Universities: Linking Diversity, Equity and Excellence for the 21st Century

Partner Institution: University of Pune

4. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Project Title: Partnering for Success: Advancing Sustainability Research and Education in India

Partner Institution: Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore



ye meraa chaman hai meraa chaman, maiN apne chaman ka bulbul huuN

is bazm meN teGheN khenchiiN haiN, is bazm meN saGhar toRe haiN
is bazm meN aanKh bichaa’ii hai, is bazm meN dil tak joRe haiN
har shaam hai shaam-e-Misr yahaaN, har shab hai shab-e-Sheeraz yahaaN
hai saare jahaaN kaa soz yahaaN aur saare jahaaN kaa saaz yahaaN
zarraat kaa bosaa lene ko, sau baar jhukaa aakaash yahaaN
Khud aankh se ham ne dekhii hai, baatil kii shikast-e-faash yahaaN


via US, India announce Obama-Singh awards – The Times of India.


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